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"Lenny" Water Diverter - Round"Lenny" Water Diverter - RoundThis Lenny will fit any downpipe* in Australia. Designed to divert water to: Water Tanks Swimming pools (as a retrofit) Swimming pools (in a new installation plumbed underground) Lawns & Gardens *That has an adaptor to suit a 90mm round downpipe.
AquaDiscAquaDiscAquadisc Waterless Urinal Drain Disc
Aquamonitor PackagesAquamonitor Packages

The Display Unit regularly receives data from AquamonitorTM Mains Sensor and collates, stores and uses the data to determine and display consumption statistics and alerts. It has illuminated buttons which show at a glance the statistics.

AquaValveAquaValveAquaValve is used to stop odours and vermon from entering the washroom via the 
floor wastes (Drains).
ecoCare Grey Waste Water Diverter ValveecoCare Grey Waste Water Diverter ValveSave money and precious water by irrigating your gardens and lawns with grey water from your laundry, baths and basins.
ecoCare Rainwater Tank Level Indicators 1.5mecoCare Rainwater Tank Level Indicators 1.5mecoCare Rainwater Tank Level Indicator
Lenny Water Diverter RoundLenny Water Diverter RoundThe Lenny Water Diverter is a very simple, safe, strong and effective water saving device. The Lenny outlet is 18 times bigger than other diverters, plus, the Lenny has an on / off switch which puts you in control. 100% Australia design, invention & manufacture. Approved by the "Australian Water Services Association of Australia"
Redwater DiverterRedwater DiverterAre you unhappy because the first half of your shower is cold? You can save this cold water easily! Redwater™ Diverter is a small valve that is installed close to an area where hot water is used, like your kitchen and bathroom. The Redwater™ Diverter can service a single tap - like your kitchen sink, or multiple taps close together - like your bathroom. The Redwater™ Diverter automatically sends the Redwater™/cooled water to a predetermined area such as: Rain water tanks,Swimming pools,Gardens or garden irrigation,Toilet cisterns,Laundry areas.
Water Energisers - Home EdgeWater Energisers - Home Edge

The Home Edge from HWTA is a revolutionary ‘whole home solution’, providing your family with the softest, healthiest water to your kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, fridge, toilets and wet bars.

The Home Edge is a maintenance free, toxic neutralisation and energisation technology. It does not require costly filter replacements.

Water Energisers - Travel EdgeWater Energisers - Travel EdgeThe TRAVELedge System is a small convenient device that includes the Energiser and optional filter you can take anywhere.
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