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The standard cyclic flush urinal system is the most water-intensive device used in a men’s bathroom. By using a waterless urinal system your water savings could be an amazing 98%
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Aqua CubeAqua CubeAqua Cube is a bacteria based waterless urinal cube specifically designed to reduce the water consumption of existing flushing urinals.
Aqua SleeveAqua SleeveAqua Sleeve - Waterless Urinal Sleeve used to retrofit existing urinals to be waterless. (Drain adaptors are available- price on request). This is a low cost consumable and can be retro-fitted to existing urinals as well as fitted to new units. Its unique odour locking design lines the internal surface of the waste outlet and trap, which is a major source of unpleasant smells. Another key feature is its adjustable top cap allowing the flow through the sleeve to be adjusted according to level of use ensuring you get the longest life out of the Bio enzyme tablet inside. Most units are replaced Quarterly to ensure that the bio enzymes that line the sleeve continue to work well, and to maintain a high standard of appearance.
AquaClean - 5 LitreAquaClean - 5 LitreAquaClean is perfect for use in all types of flushing and waterless urinals, from a stainless steal trough to a sophisticated H2Zero  waterless urinal it has been shown to improve the appearance and daily maintenance of many of the leading brands of urinals.  

Aqualok is an oil based barrier designed to be used in waterless urinals that have a cartridge design system. It will directly replace all other oil barriers used in your waterless urinals.

Arid Pod Waterless UrinalArid Pod Waterless UrinalArid Trough Urinal BritexThe BRITEX Arid Trough Urinal has been developed for today's environment where saving both time and water has become paramount. Being manufactured of composite, this urinal is not only lightweight but also extremely robust. Fitting is effortless as there is no concrete step or tiling required, it may even be installed with an existing waste without the need to cut concrete or have it made to suit. Access is available through a secure panel at the front allowing for easy installation.
IntelliFlush Urinal Flush TimerIntelliFlush Urinal Flush TimerIntelliFlush Urinal Flush Timer Digital Urinal flush timer and Valve Intelli-flush is a computer controlled timer and valve system designed to automate the flushing cycle of urinals and so dramatically reduce water consumption by up to 95%. The timer is set to activate the valve and flush the urinal at set periods of the day or night. Unlike sensor operated timers, Intelli-flush will not operate if someone enters the bathroom to wash their hands or to use a pan eliminating false flushing of the urinals and saving precious water. Intelli-flush can be used for all urinal situations both porcelain and trough style. Programmable to turn on at any time of the day over 7 days. Programmable to turn on at multiple times during the day. Can be programmed to not turn on on a specific day/s e.g. Not Saturday or Sunday Timer battery backup Specifications: Timer & Valve - 6VDC Latch Coil
Water Energisers - Travel EdgeWater Energisers - Travel EdgeThe TRAVELedge System is a small convenient device that includes the Energiser and optional filter you can take anywhere.
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