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Lenny Water Diverter Round

Lenny Water Diverter Round

Great Value!
Lenny Water Diverter Round
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How the Lenny Works;

A gate system within the Lenny can be opened to allow rain water to flow down and out to the stormwater drains, or the gate can be closed so the rain water is redirected to your pool, garden, pond or tank etc.The Lenny has been designed to be retro-fitted using a standard 38mm pool vacuum hose. It can also be permanently plumbed into a newly built pool.
Made from UV stabilised ABS plastic. The Lenny is attractive, unobtrusive and paintable.

The Lenny outlet is 18 times bigger than other diverters, plus, the Lenny has an on / off switch which puts you in control.
100% Australian design, invention & manufacture. Approved by the "Australian Water Services Association of Australia"

Flick the lever to close the Lenny's gate and water is immediately diverted.

It's as SIMPLE as that !

Includes a safety overflow outlet.


The Lenny will fit any:-
* 90 mm round downpipe
*100mm x 75mm rectangular by using the square to round converter available at most hardware & plumbing stores. We Recommend the one made by Ausplastics due to its ease of fitting.
*100mm x 50mm rectangular. The easiest way is to buy four square to round converters, two 90mm round to 100mm x 50mm square and two 90mm round to 100mm x 75mm square, add to this two short off cuts of 90mm round downpipe (about 50mm long) and you are there. Photo shows installation on a 100mm x 50mm downpipe using two converters on top and two on the bottom each joined with short piece of 90mm downpipe.

(Follow the Photos at bottom of page when loaded)

(Photos 1& 2) Locate a downpipe near to your swimming pool. (Preferably one that catches water from a large area of your roof and one that is close enough for your pool vacuum hose to reach).
Pick a place on your downpipe where you want to install the "Lenny" and cut out a 240mm section in length.

(Photos 3 & 4) Ensure the width measurement on the downpipe at the place of your top cut is no more than 101mm otherwise the "Lenny" will not fit into your downpipe. (Most rectangular metal downpipes are never exactly the size they should be, plus they differ in size from top to bottom by quite a few millimetres.)

(Photo 5) Slide the top section of the "Lenny" (The secondary body) into the main body of the "Lenny". (The safety overflow pipe on the secondary body can face either to the left or the right depending on which side you want any overflow to exit).

(Photo 6) Fit the main and secondary body of the "Lenny" into the cut-out section of your downpipe. Now slide the secondary body up 20mm over the top section of the downpipe & get level.

(Photo 7) Now slide the main body down 20mm into the lower section of the downpipe.

(Photo 8) Level the secondary body and pop rivet or screw to the downpipe. Do the same to the main body and then rivet or screw both parts of the "Lenny" together.

(Photos (9, 10 & 11) The "Lenny" is now ready to be used.

(Photo 12) Showing an installation on a 90mm round downpipe. (using round to square converters available at your local plumbing store.)

Once the Lenny is installed:
Fit one end of a standard pool vacuum hose over the outlet. Put the other end in your pool or your pool skimmer box. (Take care not to allow the hose to enter the water of your pool or pond as that will cause back pressure and the water will not flow well.)

The "Lenny" is UV stabilised at point of manufacture. Nevertheless we recommend that it is painted to ensure maximum protection from the sun and of course to make it aesthetically pleasing.
When you want to use the "Lenny" simply push one end of your pool vacuum hose on to the outlet pipe and turn the lever to "SAVE"


Postage & Handling Australia wide is $15.95.

"SEE INSTALLATION PHOTOS BELOW" (Photo's may take approx 30 secs to load)
Before Shot"Making the first cut to remove a section of downpipe" "Making the second cut" "After removing the section of downpipe - fitting the top piece of the Lenny downpipe water diverter" "Levelling the Lenny before pop riveting or screwing it into place"  "Fitting the bottom part of the Lenny into the downpipe"  "Pop riveting or screwing into place"  "The first coat of paint & ready to go""Showing water exiting during a rain fall"  "Viewed with the pool vacuum hose attached and directed into the pool" (can also be directed to the garden to give it a deep soaking.)
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