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Aquamonitor Packages

Aquamonitor Packages

Aquamonitor Packages
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Meter Type
Model No.
Retail Price
Elster/RMC Bullet Meters
(Most Common)
DU 3MT1-3/M2-2-V100

Itron/Actaris Meters
DU 3MT1-3/M2-2-Itron

RMC Dial-face Meters
DU 3MT1-3/M2-2-WM598

Single Jet B Meters
DU 3MT1-3/M2-2-B

Flying Lead Model
No pulser

Package Contains

  • Display Unit with optional wall mount bracket
  • Mains Sensor with AA battery
  • Pipe and wall mounting brackets for sensor
  • DC power adaptor
  • Mini USB cable
  • Quick Start Guides
What is Aquamonitor

The Aquamonitor Smart Water Consumption Monitor is a new to the world product, designed and manufactured in Australia. The product provides water users with the benefits of smart metering, which allows water consumers to understand, manage and reduce water usage and to prevent water wastage from leaks and abnormal usage.

In times of low rainfall, during water restrictions and with increasing water costs, the Aquamonitor is an invaluable tool with breakthrough affordability. The alerts and indicators provided by the monitor are designed to stop water wastage which is a cost to users, to the community and the environment. As an educational tool the Aquamonitor is ideal for discovering and comparing water uses and usage within the home. Outside the home, it can be used in a wide variety of applications including toilet and shower blocks, in washing and cleaning operations, for water efficiency management and sustainability audits.

Display Unit

An indoor Display Unit shows real time water consumption from a water meter and from water tanks and provides visual and sound alerts if there is a potential problem such as a leak or low tank level. One Display Unit can connect to one Mains Sensor and up to three Tank Sensors and shows the combined and individual consumption from each connected sensor. This means that you can monitor the total household consumption from all water sources. Other information includes quartertly consumption figures and water costs, weekly and daily (24 hour) history, per person usage and a variety of tank figures including level, consumption and number of days remaining of water supply.

Technical Features

  • 70MHz low power ARM CPU
  • Compact size 137mm (W) 85mm (H) 41mm (D) (excluding bracket).
  • Graphic LCD for display of mixed font sizes, bar graphs and icons.
  • USB 2.0 Port for easy download of stored consumption data.
  • Internal data logging up to 1 year of hourly data from up to four sensors.
  • Visual and optional sound alert.
  • LED backlight with auto power save and night mode operation.
  • Illuminated buttons with soft-key functions for ease of use.
  • Status bar display of sensor connection, battery status and date/time.
  • Status screen shows alarms, battery and wireless status of all connected sensors.
  • Auto screen configuration depending on connected sensors.
  • Integrated digital wireless radio with automatic clear channel selection and sensor pairing. This allows sensors to be added or removed whilst maintaining data security.

Mains Sensor

Mains water usage is monitored by attaching a Mains Sensor to an existing water meter. The sensor is powered by a single AA battery and sends flow information to the Display Unit every minute using a wireless connection. It is designed for self-installation and doesn’t usually need any plumbing changes. The sensor is non-contact with water and makes use of the ‘pulse output’ facility that is built-in to most water meters. The arrangement of the pulse output depends on the type of water meter and so the Aquamonitor Mains Sensor is available in a range of models to suit different types of meters.

The wireless Mains Sensor is an easy to install unit that can be mounted on existing water meters, even when the space around the water meter is restricted. It comes with a sensor probe that is compatible with commonly available water meters, such as RMC (Reliance) and Elster ‘bullet’ meters. Other types of meters can be connected if the meter has a pulse output connection.

Flow information from the Mains Sensor is wirelessly transmitted to the Display Unit every minute for collation and subsequent computation and display of consumption statistics. 

The wireless Tank Sensor fits to the top of a water tank and uses ultrasonics to find the water level without coming in contact with your water. The sensor is powered from a pair of rechargeable AA batteries and sends information to the Display Unit every minute. Installation requires a small hole in the top of the tank or through a lid or cover. Setting up the sensor simply involves entering the tank volume and height and then setting the current level. Water consumption is calculated when the water level falls, and water inflows when the water level rises in the tank.

Technical Features

  • Digital wireless operation with unique serial number provides data security and validation.
  • Status LED for indication of power-up and RF transmission for easy checking of operation.
  • Single AA Lithium battery for long life operation.
  • Internal battery monitoring allows battery status display at the Display Unit.
  • Compact size 85mm (W) 83mm (H) 26mm (D) (excluding bracket).
  • Sealed enclosure with pipe and surface mount brackets for quick and easy fitting.

Postage & Handling will be added for this product at checkout as follows: $15.95 Australia Wide.
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