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FIDO Hot Fetch

FIDO Hot Fetch

FIDO Hot Fetch
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What is FIDO Hot Fetch?
FIDO® Hot Fetch TM is a system for conveniently extracting the initial cold water which flows from a hot tap or shower when it is first turned on, and transferring it to a water tank or dedicated receptacle rather than wasting it. It consists of an approved valve, electronic control module and attractive remote trigger buttons.

How does FIDO work?
A simple valve situated at the furthest point on the hot water delivery pipe, opens on demand when triggered by the user pressing one of several wireless transmitter buttons. Water then flows under mains pressure (high velocity) to a water tank receptacle until the electronic control module detects that hot water has arrived at its destination at which time FIDO closes the valve and indicates completion with an audible tone.

What do I need before installing FIDO?
1. A suitable water tank or receptacle which is properly installed, and preferably connected to toilet cisterns.

2. Access to the hot pipe work at the endmost tap on the branch from the hot water heater (this will be the installation point).

3. A power point (240Vac) near the proposed installation point.

4. A run of pipe from the proposed installation point to the water tank.

Does FIDO reduce the time it takes for hot water to arrive?
Yes, FIDO typically accelerates the delivery of hot water, as compared with turning on a modern flick mixer tap with an aerating flow restrictor.

Does FIDO save me time?
FIDO® not only speeds up hot water delivery, but allows you to do other preparatory things like getting undressed for the shower, while waiting for the hot pipe to be purged.

Do I have to purge every time I use the tap, even when I could use the initial cold water eg Kitchen sink?
FIDO® purges the line on demand by pressing a button. If you don’t need to purge the line, then don’t press the button.

Do I need a separate FIDO for each Hot tap in the house?
No. One FIDO® can service all hot outlets on a branch. Just place individual transmitter button modules at each of the locations you want to conveniently trigger a purge. A separate branch from the hot water service though, would require a separate FIDO unit.

Is the FIDO system better than competing products?
FIDO is simpler, more versatile, more economical, more user friendly and arguably safer. Some competing products which purge the hot pipe, sense the act of turning on the Hot tap as the trigger for the purging process. With these types of products, no water flows from the wide open hot tap until hot water arrives, at which point hot water comes streaming out without warning. This poses potentially hazardous situations for unsuspecting users and children, especially if a user inadvertently walks away leaving the tap wide open.

Does FIDO save much water?
Yes, FIDO typically recovers 3 litres each time it is commanded into action, and in excess of 10 litres in older style houses. This adds up to many thousands of litres per year depending on the building and number of residents in the home.

Is FIDO compatible with all Water Heaters?
• FIDO is compatible with all mains pressure type hot water systems including instantaneous/continuous types.
• FIDO is NOT recommended for gravity fed hot water heaters. Although it will operate, it may not be effective due to the lower pressure therefore lower flow rate.

Do I have to turn on a hot tap in order to purge the line of cold water?
No. FIDO works independently of whether your tap is open or closed.

Is FIDO compatible with pumped tank water systems?
Yes, FIDO is compatible with pumped supply systems, provided that a pressure of 200kPa is maintained.

Does FIDO change or impact the flow and/or pressure of the water supply?
There will be no impact to the supply pressure or flow when FIDO is in standby (not operating). The user can however expect to experience a drop in pressure while purging is in progress (up to 45 seconds max).

Will I notice a difference in the everyday use of the water supply?
No, there will be no change to normal operation, with taps and showers all delivering water flow immediately when opened as normal. Some pressure drop may be experienced while FIDO is performing a purge.

Will FIDO stop the flow of water from the hot tap if the water is not hot?
No. FIDO does not require the hot tap to be operated until after the fetching process completes, which is indicated with audible beeps. If the user happens to open the hot tap while FIDO is performing the fetch, the user may experience a lower pressure and lower flow form the tap until the fetch completes.

Will FIDO continue to purge water indefinitely if the Water Heater is not operational?
No. FIDO allows a maximum of 45 seconds for any one purging operation.

Is FIDO compatible with all types of tap and Mixer sets?
Yes. FIDO is not impacted by the type of tap-ware used.

Is FIDO fail safe?
The FIDO design limits valve open time to realistic maximums to ensure that water loss would be minimized in the event of sensor failure or operation abuse. Further, FIDO incorporates safeguard circuitry to ensure that the valve is shut off in case of a failure occurring to any single electronic or sensor component.
However, the propensity of the solenoid valve failing to shut off the diverting water flow, is akin to the likeliness of a washing machine overflowing, resulting in flood damage and potentially hazardous exposure to hot water. While such an occurrence is highly unlikely, the installer and user of the FIDO® device must be aware of this possibility and ensure that the installation makes the necessary safety provisions for the possibility of valve failure resulting in a continuous flow of hot water to the water tank. This situation must not result in hazardous exposure to hot water.

What power does FIDO use and how much?
FIDO requires a 240Vac mains power outlet. Its utilises a low residual current power adapter drawing typically a few dollars worth of power per year.

How long do the transmitter batteries last?
The FIDO transmitter modules each contain a long life battery, expected to last well over 12 months with typical usage patterns.

Does FIDO pump the water?
No FIDO uses the mains water pressure to propel the purged water to its destination. There are no noisy, power hungry pumps.

Is FIDO approved?
FIDO uses an approved valve and approved power converter.

What is FIDO® Advance FetchTM (as distinct from FIDO® Hot FetchTM)?
FIDO® Advance FetchTM is an additional module, which works in conjunction with FIDO® Hot FetchTM to return the purged water back to the potable water supply.

Is FIDO® Advance FetchTM available (as distinct from FIDO® Hot FetchTM)?
FIDO® Advance FetchTM is still under development and is not currently available. FIDO® Hot FetchTM however is available for purchase.


· Time saver - FIDO® accelerates the delivery of hot water to your tap(s), by allowing it to flow at high speed into a water tank. Hot water can be expected to arrive much faster than it would have had it passed through a fully open modern flick mixer tap with aerating flow restrictor.

· Water saver - save the initial cold water from the hot pipe, which can exceed 5500litres per year per 2 person household and up to 30,000 in older style houses.

· Convenience - Do something else while hot water is being delivered to your tap, like getting undressed before getting into the shower, or preparing the dishes before filling the sink.

· Compatible - FIDO is compatible with all tap ware including modern mixer sets.

· Versatile - FIDO® allows the user/installer flexibility of choice as to the use of the purged water - such as feed to a dedicated water tank connected to toilet cisterns (urban areas), or return to the main potable supply water tank in rural applications.

· User friendly - activate by pressing one of the remote wireless transmitter buttons supplied. Only purges water if demanded. eg sometimes you may prefer to use the initial cold water in the sink!

· Clear status Indicators - Audible & visual indication of purge status.

· Attractive - easy mount transmitter buttons are an attractive feature to modern kitchen, bathroom and laundry outfits.

· Safe operation - The user can leave the tap closed and unattended while hot water is being delivered. FIDO® has built in safeguards to detect abnormal and failure conditions and to elegantly lock out operation in such situations.

· Services multiple outlets - One FIDO® unit can service multiple taps on a common branch.

· Energy Saver - FIDO® propels water by mains pressure - so saves energy compared with automatic, timed, or continuously pumped circulation systems, which typically waste heat energy heating the pipes unnecessarily .

· Unique, (patent pending), reliable sensing and control technology requires no pumping.

Before installation checks -

1. The External Water Tank and its installation and maintenance must conform to the requirements of the relevant Australian plumbing standards AS/NZS 3500, the Building Code of Australia, and any additional regional specific statutory requirements.

2. The tank is not used for Potable water storage (check with regional specific statutory requirements).

3. The tank construction, structure, fittings and accessories would not be compromised in the unlikely scenario in which the FIDO® valve fails to close and thereby deliver a continuous flow of hot water to the tank.

If the tank is deemed unsuitable to handle such a failure scenario, then a thermal cut-off valve, thermal tempering or thermal stabilizing valve (such as RMC HeatGuard 15), compliant with AS/NZS4032 (and adjusted appropriately) shall be fitted inline as a secondary safety measure to eliminate any possibility of thermal damage to the tank or in fact hazardous exposure to high temperature water.


1. Install the FIDO unit according to instructions provided with the unit.

2. The connection of the diversion pipe to the water tank must comply with backflow and cross connection requirements of plumbing standard AS/NZS 3500, to ensure there is no possibility of stored water flowing back into the public water supply. As such it is mandatory to ensure a Visible Air Gap (vertical free-fall) between the end of the delivery line and the maximum possible water level in the tank.

Choose a suitable point of entry to the water tank which will achieve this mandatory Visible Air Gap requirement.

3. Route and securely fix the diversion pipe to the chosen point of entry such that it cannot be inadvertently pulled or moved, thus ensuring the integrity of the Visible Air Gap.

NOTE: It is recommended that a manual tap be fitted inline with the diversion pipe for emergency shut off

Before purchase checklist

Before purchasing the FIDO® Hot FetchTM unit, please consider the following -

1. FIDO needs a water tank - do you have an approved water tank or receptacle which can be drilled to accept an entry fitting for pipe attachment above the overflow water level?
NOTE: The water tank and its overflow need to be enclosed.

2. FIDO needs a 240Vac power point - do you have a power point handy, or the ability to run an extension lead to the expected installation point of the FIDO unit?

3. FIDO needs a pipe connection - you will need to route a pressure pipe from the FIDO installation point (eg endmost vanity cabinet) to the water tank.

4. Safety first - does your hot water system limit the temperature to a safe maximum by an approved means (ie inherent within the heater itself or by approved external tempering valve)?

5. Approval by local water authority - Depending on your locality, you may require approval from your local water authority if intending to use the saved water for garden use.

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